WISDOM is an interactive webseries, where issues or news events are talked about by a panel of 5 people.

Unlike most "news channels" that present information from only one point of view, WISDOM presents information from multiple points of view.

Therfore, we have a panel of five people.  Each panelist (except for the neutral moderator) represents a particular point of view: Hippy, Liberal, Conservative, or Tea-Party.

WISDOM believes that issues should be debated and discussed -- so that you, an intelligent person, can then draw  your own conclusions.

Our Mission

We provide a way for you to send email, tweets, and online postings to other people -- either to those with a differing point of view, or to those with a similar point of view.  (A group of people with a similar point of view is called a TRIBE.)

Although WISDOM encourages the discussion and debate of issues, WISDOM does not allow or tolerate the iinsulting of people for any reason.

Wisdom through Diversity!